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Artisan  Wax Seal Jewelry - Born in Florence Italy
In the year 2011, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our association and close friendship with our Italian Artisan family in Florence Italy ,which was started in 1959 when our founder visited their small shop located on the bank of the Arno River. Today, this artisan family's metal factory is still nestled among the beautiful hills of Florence,  located in a building on the family property, surrounded by fig trees.
From this wonderful and bucolic location the Jewelry is then air transported to our warehouse, located in sunny Naples Florida, where it is packaged and shipped to all four corners of the world.
Our Inspiration....
Inspired by the enchanting, noble and romantic tradition of finishing letters with a wax seal that speaks to who you are or what you believe. In ancient times, your personal wax seal held a special symbolism and meaning for it's owner. It was  a way to express your identity, stature and beliefs and help find strength through the toughest of times. Romantic yet casual, our pieces are a modern conduit for the charm and traditions of another time - a relaxed look with a bit of romance and polish, that is a celebration of your individuality. Our Charms are distinguished by a raised relief imprint and freely formed edges- this is what makes our Wax Seal Jewelry so unique and different from any other Jewelry style. Wax Insignias make meaningful keepsakes, leave lasting impressions and have evoked passionate responses from old and new fans alike.
Our Process & Materials
Wax Insignia Jewelry features Old World hand made artistry, each individually shaped with freely formed edges and raised relief designs. . Most of our jewelry is made from Brass(nickel free and lead free)  which receives a galvanic bath of Pure Silver. Our artisans then apply an antique finish for a vintage style look. A final protective coating on the front and back of each piece provides additional protection from wear as well as oxidization.


Each piece is lovingly hand created - no two are exactly alike.  All metal working is still done by hand using old world tools and instruments.
About Our Italian Artisans-
3 Generations and going strong....
 The family patriarch,, shown here in September 2010 in his 97th year, was the creator and designer of our original  wax seal molds, and in fact,  designed  his own machinery,  which  eventually made all of our hand crafted Florentine  Brass Wax Seal Stamps we have  now sold for decades. His inventions were even featured on Italian television, in the Italian equivalent of a "What's My Line" episode. Today, his daughter and grandson continue the family tradition of working with all types of metal to create wax seals, jewelry, pewter figurines and other artistic creations.
Our Story
Wax Insignia Jewelry is a brand first lauched in 2008 in response to many requests from our Wholesale and Retail Customers, asking us to create Wax Seal Jewelry from our original Wax Seal Stamps that were designed and sold by us since the 1950s as the main purveyors of waxseals to the Stationery Industry. It was a natural progression to creating Wax Seal Jewelry. And so we did, together with our Italian Artisans. We are proud and honored that our Orignal Wax Seal Designs have found a new and appreciative audience. 
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Care Instructions:
WaxInsignia Wax Seal Jewelry is protected from tarnish and oxidization through the antique and special coating finishes that are hand applied to each piece.  Please protect it from water, but especially harsh chemicals (like pool water!)  to keep it looking great. When not in use, please store it in a dry place.
Historical Background of Wax Seals:
 Since time immemorial, the  wax seal has served as a stamp of indisputable authenticity, just as a signature is accepted in the world today.   The use of seals can be traced back to the Old Testament, where it mentions that Jezebel used Ahab's seal to counterfeit important documents.

In Medieval Times, Royalty and governments used their own seal to affix to proclamations to give them their authoritative stamp of approval.  The first Great Seal of England was that of Edward the Confessor, impressions of which can still be found.   During this time, almost everyone had their own seal, and while most people had just one, Royalty would own several, including their "Great" Seal, as well as seals for all their courts and officials.  In Medieval Times, betrothals were prearranged-therefore true words of love were secretly written and the envelope's contents secured by a wax seal, so that the recipient could be assured that their passion would be unknown to others.

During the ages, Wax  Seals have always had a symbolic presence and meaning, a message conveyed by the owner , etiher of stature, distinction or symbolism through the images used on their wax seals.
The first Seal of the United States was created by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams & Thomas Jefferson on July 4th 1776 immediately after the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Congress realized the necessity of such a seal for the newly established nation.

As literacy increased, seals were used less frequently and with the introduction of the gummed envelope in the 19th Century the need for privacy was reducedSeals became a more personal expression as well as a decorative embellishment.